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Work Order Service Software

Using ServiceCEO Office Edition, all jobs can be carefully scheduled and organized. This not only applies to single-day jobs; ServicECEO can also manage schedules spanning multiple days, weeks, people or groups of people and more. By making a schedule and tracking the progress every step of the way, administrators can analyze the efficiency of their workforce and make changes to improve.

Work Order Scheduling Software

There are other benefits to highly-customizable scheduling. Administrators can match employee's skills and their working hours to current and upcoming jobs. This utilizes the employees' abilities in the most efficient manner possible by assigning proper work orders to each individual or team according to their schedule and abilities. This, in turn, increases productivity.

For the sake of improving business techniques and being well-informed of current status, ServiceCEO Office Edition can help make reports. Having reports easily accessible allows for data analysis which provides insight into marketing techniques that are effective and ones that are not.

Inventory Management

To keep track of all inventory across multiple business units, ServicECEO Office Edition keeps information of all products organized.  Managing a vast inventory does not have to be an overwhelming task with ServiceCEO. Besides keeping track of a wide array of information, bar code scanners can be used to scan the products in your inventory. This information can be easily added into your ServiceCEO database, saving much time and avoiding data entry errors.

Not only can ServiceCEO keep track of inventory and customer information, it can serve as a powerful employee managing tool. The program can define user access individually per employee, allowing administrators to control what each employee has access to. This helps administrators to determine each employee's performance and efforts.

To keep track of a wide range of useful data, including customer information, job schedules, inventory and employee performance, ServiceCEO Office Edition has you covered.


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