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Window Cleaners Software

Window cleaning services require a lot of work. If you feel that you're inundated with paperwork and not being as efficient as you could be, there is help out there. With the right software installed on your computer, you can manage customers, route your employees and gain control of your accounting much easier.

By downloading window cleaning software you can have all the tools you need in a single application. If you're out in the field a lot, you can even access what you need from our mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

Manage Your Customers Smarter

Cleaning windows will usually require an estimate first. you will need to see the size of the windows and the location of them before providing a quote. As you meet with potential customers, you will need to log these estimates to follow up with them.

Once customers have agreed to your quote, it will be easier to manage them. You will already have their information captured. you can then open a job for them, get them dispatched to your employees and ensure they are billed in a timely manner.

Schedule Your Employees Faster

Your employees need to know when they are working. More importantly, they need to know where they are working. Window cleaning is a mobile business - you need to dispatch your employees to all of the right customers throughout the day. By utilizing a dispatch board integrated into your software, you can map out the location of your customers. You can then see who you have scheduled for the day and where so you know who to put at each job.

With better scheduling comes more efficiency. It will be much easier to control your bottom line when you aren't wasting labor hours, fuel or mileage on your fleet vehicles.

Deal with Accounting Effectively

The software you use can handle all of your accounting too. The days of entering contact information in two or three programs is over. The customer information will already be in the system. This makes it easier to send out bills in a timely manner. You can find out who has paid, who needs to be billed and what outgoing bills are due.

Using ServiceCEO Office Edition will be the best way to control your company's bottom line without being overwhelmed with paperwork. The moment you begin using it, you will wonder what you ever did without it.

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