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Company Overview 

Industry: Maintenance Services 
Year Founded: 1991 
Number of Office Employees:
 3 employees 
Number of Field Employees: 10 employees 

Business Challenges

Day-to-day operations at Williams Petroleum were very manual and cumbersome. Employees were manually writing up work orders, tracking jobs and trying to ensure that work was properly billed. As a result of relying on a manual process, the company lost revenue in unbilled jobs.

Why ServiceCEO?

Williams Petroleum could no longer successfully manage its business processes manually and eventually turned to ServiceCEO. The company selected ServiceCEO not only for the programs powerful features but also for its ease of use, configurability and flexibility to adapt to existing business processes without reinventing the wheel.

Key Feature

Work Orders

ServiceCEO allows the company to create, distribute and track the company's work orders more efficiently with just a few clicks - a vast improvement from the three to four step manual process employees would go through prior to using ServiceCEO.

keyfeature williams

Time Savings

ServiceCEO saves Williams Petroleum about 5 manhours a day. This time savings enables the business to focus on increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction. ServiceCEO's scheduling and dispatching tools also contributes to time savings and increased profits.

Savings Chart

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