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Training Classes

Starting Right - Member Center


Monday & Friday - 2PM
Wednesday - 4PM


New to ServiceCEO? This class is the first class you and all ServiceCEO users in your company should take!

Discover the secret of our most successful customers by StartingRight! The StartingRIGHT class provides an introduction to the Member Center and all of its training and support resources, offers suggestions on the best ways to access technical support and get your questions answered.

Crystal Reports Q&A


Tuesday - 2PM
Friday - 11AM


This class is designed for individuals who already have  Crystal Reports license and are now in the process of customizing ServiceCEO reports. This is an open forum for users to present questions, issues, or concerns for discussion. Topics will include advanced Crystal Reports features as well as general assistance in determining how to find and add various ServiceCEO data elements to your reports.

For additional assistance, please read the Crystal Reports Tutorial or watch the Customizing Crystal Reports video (click the "Watch Pre-Recorded Training Videos link in the Member Center).

Basic Implementation


Tuesday - 3PM
Wednesday - 1PM


This class is the place to start when you are ready to move off a test training database and want to start configuring your own unique database for your business.

You can prepare for this class by reading the Implementation Manual

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