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Company Overview

Industry: Window and Gutter Cleaning 
Year Founded: 1997 
Number of Office Employees:
 7 employees 
Number of Field Employees: 3 employees

Business Challenges

Top Notch Window & Gutter Cleaning was regularly losing income in large part because of the difficulty the company had in tracking recurring customer schedules. Employees spent too much time typing daily route sheets. In addition, they needed the ability to have a snapshot of what jobs they had and where they were located on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Why ServiceCEO?

The company tried using CLIP software but found it to be too limiting. Top Notch eventually turned to ServiceCEO because the program met the company's needs for scheduling and could also be easily integrated with QuickBooks for accounting.

Key Feature


ServiceCEO's Dispatch Board helps Top Notch manage the company's entire day from a single screen with drag-and-drop capabilities and integrated mapping and driving directions. With ServiceCEO's Dispatch Board, Top Notch employees can quickly and easily rearrange and change jobs from one day to another.

Time Saving 

Overall, ServiceCEO saves Top Notch Window & Gutter Cleaning about 4 man hours a day. This time savings enables the business to focus on providing better service to customers and growing the business.

ServiceCEO's tools for managing and tracking customer needs and schedules and for quickly providing daily route sheets also contributes to time savings and increased revenue.

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