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Custom Reporting

Let us help you create the report you need

ServiceCEO Office Edition already includes many of the reports you will need. If you find that your business needs an additional report or wish to modify an existing report, you can do it yourself with a Crystal Report Designer license or we can do it for you.

Do it yourself with Crystal Reports - By purchasing a Crystal Reports Designer license, you can modify existing reports or build new ones. We even have training videos within our member center to show technically capable individuals just what to do.

We can build the report for you - If you would like our data service staff to assist you in building a report, there are a few things you should know. First, the most difficult part of building a report is determining exactly what it is that you want on the report. Our custom report building process includes working with you to determine your exact needs. Then we provide a fixed price quote to build the report. Costs for custom reports vary based on complexity.

Steps to have a custom report built

Step 1 - Initial consultation with our data services staff to determine a full fixed price quote (cost $400)

Step 2 - Review full quote and authorize project

Step 3 - Once complete, start using your custom report

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