International Service Software Solutions

ServiceCEO is successfully deployed around the globe

ServiceCEO is having a tremendous impact on the way field service companies run their business ... not only in the United States but also in over 28 countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and many others, even the Kingdom of Tonga.

With ServiceCEO Office Edition, international field service businesses can effectively manage the entire job cycle from estimating, scheduling, dispatching and work orders to back office processing of wireless field response updates, job costing, invoicing and accounts receivable.

ServiceCEO Office Edition is compatible with most international companies' business processes and is configurable to meet many country-specific requirements and formats, including:

  • Dates - short date formatting, regional settings, and other local variations including dd/mm/yyyy
  • Times - 12 and 24-hour time formatting
  • Currencies - localized currencies such as euros or pounds sterling
  • Numbers - localized formatting for numbers and number sequences (example: 6.200,99 (US equivalent $6,200.99)
  • Telephone Numbers - localized numbers up to 10-digit area codes and 60 total digits
  • Language - localized terminology and formatting of the US equivalents to City, State, ZIP Code, Social Security Number, Customers, Jobs, Employees, Teams, Estimates, Service Contracts, Kits, Projects and more
  • Units of Measure - user-definable list of units of measure for products and services sold
  • Taxes - ability to include up to three levels of taxes such as VAT and GST
  • Mapping - Google Maps Integration across the globe. Please Click Here for a complete list of services available for specific locations. MapPoint for North America and Europe is also available.
  • Accounting - Out-of-the-box support for the Canadian version of QuickBooks (for other accounting packages like Sage or MYOB, an XML export from ServiceCEO allows the ability to build custom integrations)
  • Reports - Crystal Reports to customize your reports into any language or to meet local government requirements

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