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Satellite Dish Installation Business Software

Satellite dishes can be installed in a matter of minutes - sometimes hours. Whether you have a small staff or a large staff, they may be driving all around town in order to take care of all of the installations. Through better customer management and better dispatching tools, you can become more productive. Higher levels of productivity also leads to higher profits.

Installing ServiceCEO Office Edition and you will find out how you can manage your business better.

Use a Dispatch Board

Dispatch boards are one of the best ways to route your staff. Installing security dishes may only take your staff a few minutes, but they could be spending hours driving around town. This is wasting their time, your labor hours and putting necessary mileage on your company vehicles. By utilizing a map within the dispatch software, you can see where all of your jobs are for the day.

Routing will suddenly become much easier. Your customers will receive more prompt service and you will be able to keep your employees busier. When your employees are more productive, it will show in your bottom line.

Communicate with Customers

Customers are your most valuable asset. Regardless of how good your satellite dishes are, you won't be able to install any without customers. You want to ensure you are providing accurate estimates and managing them properly. This will help you get higher closing ratios.

Communication with customers can lead to higher satisfaction. With the use of customer relationship management software, you can send out emails to your customers with the click of a button. Let them know about other services you have to get repeat business and offer discounts and other specials for referrals.

Keep Up with Accounting

You will only make money if your customers are paying you promptly. You can manage your accounting easier through an integrated program. This will make it easy to find out which jobs are still open, which bills need to be paid and much more! You will be able to make better decisions regarding your business when you can glimpse at your financials from anywhere that you go.

ServiceCEO Office Edition can change the way you do business. You can run a more productive and profitable business just by installing better software to your computer. it will simplify many of your processes and make it easier for you to manage tasks.


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