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Software for Restoration Companies

Restoration service are requested by individuals all the time. Whether they are paying for it or their insurance is paying for it, you want to ensure you are closing all of the deals that you can. If you aren't managing the estimates properly, you may be missing out on business. With the help of a scheduling assistant and built-in accounting tools, you can be in better control of your business and your profits.

Your bottom line matters. With ServiceCEO Office Edition, you can ensure you always know what needs to be done within your business.

Book More Customers

Customers need to receive quotes for the restoration services they are going to receive. Whether their home is being restored after a fire, a flood or some other problem, you need to give them a detailed estimate. This should be logged into the software you're using in order to be reminded to follow-up with them.

When you follow up promptly, you can answer questions and remind customers why they should choose your company over other restoration companies in town. By doing this, you will improve your closing ratios and book more customers than every before.

Schedule Your Day Efficiently

The better you schedule your day, the more efficient you can work. You need to schedule estimates with potential customers, time to talk to your employees and take care of all of your other tasks. When you program them into your software you can ensure no task goes uncompleted. You also have the ability to delegate some tasks to other users so you don't have the weight of the world resting squarely on your shoulders.

When you schedule your day, you can also use a dispatch board to schedule the right employees with the right jobs. This will allow you to use a map to ensure no one is traveling further than they need to.

Manage the Books Better

You have to stay in control of your finances. By using integrated accounting software, you won't have to enter contact details over and over again. The customer relationship database will automatically transfer over to your accounting software. This ensures that every customer is billed correctly and timely.

When you stay in control of your business better, you can improve your profits too. You won't have to worry about forgetting anything because it will all be within ServiceCEO Office Edition.


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