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Company Overview

Industry: Building Maintenance 
Year Founded: 1994 
Number of Office Employees:
 10 employees 
Number of Field Employees: 86 employees

Business Challenges

ResCom was using Open Access, a DOS-based software program to keep track of work orders and invoicing. Because there was no integration with QuickBooks, the company was double entering data into QuickBooks as its employees created invoices in Open Access. This process became to manual and time consuming so ResCom looked for a simpler and more streamlined method for invoice creation and record keeping.

Why ServiceCEO?

One of the reasons that ResCom selected ServiceCEO was because the program was Windows-based. More importantly, the company liked ServiceCEO's ability to effectively track bid requests and schedule work repair teams, and its ability to export ResCom's financial data into QuickBooks.

Key Feature


Creating invoices in ServiceCEO has created a huge time savings for ResCom due to the program's ability to integrate with QuickBooks. According to ResCom, invoices are also more professionally laid out than before due to the Crystal Report feature for designing the invoice layout.

keyfeature invoicing

Time Saving 

Overall, ServiceCEO saves ResCom about 3 man hours a day. The time savings and the increased productivity has meant that ResCom's administrative staff can focus on activities that have a greater impact on their top- and bottom-line.

savingschart rescom

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