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Software for Power Washing Businesses

A power washing service is vital to those who want to keep their houses clean. As you offer this service to the people in your community, you want to ensure you are booking as much business as possible to keep your sales flowing. When you have better software on your computer, you can improve closing ratios, get more productivity from employees and ensure that your accounting is going right.

Power washing service software can be installed on your computer and even access from your mobile device. This keeps you in control of your business wherever you go.

Manage the Estimates

Every time you provide an estimate to a customer for pressure washing, you have to follow up. Your closing ratio, if known, will improve significantly when you do this. Through better software, you can log all estimates you provide and be reminded to follow up. It will even provide you with your ratios so you can begin improving everything.

Once you book a customer, you can then manage the customer even more. This includes opening a job, scheduling them and then closing the job once payment has been received.

Manage the Employees

Your employees need to be managed in a number of ways. This includes providing them with a schedule, paying them accurately and dispatching them to the various power washing jobs for the day.

You can eliminate a lot of wasted labor hours by dispatching them more effectively. A map can be used to figure out where all of your jobs are. Each employee can then be dragged and dropped to the appropriate jobs so you can make shorter work of scheduling employees each and every day. Maps can even be provided to each employee so they have directions to where they need to go.

Managing the Books

Manging the books will help you pay your bills and collect payment in a timely manner. The only way to do this effectively is if you have the right program. if you find yourself entering information over and over again, this can come to a stop. The information for your customer has already been entered when you gave them their estimate.

Running a power washing business doesn't have to be hard. Install ServiceCEO Office Edition and learn how easy it can be for you. You will have more control and be able to manage profits better.


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