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Software for Pool & Spa Businesses

Pool and spa services are needed by the masses. When this is your business, you want to ensure you are managing it as best as possible. Through the use of pool/span service software, you can stay on top of your clients, your employees and all of the back office details much easier.

When you have the right software on your computer, you will spend more time in the field and less time on your computer.

Manage Customers Better

Customers need to be managed. You may need to provide estimates for weekly or monthly pool care. If you don't follow up after providing these estimates, customers are going to go elsewhere. You don't want to give your customers a reason to go with the competition - instead, schedule a reminder to follow up with them a few days after providing an estimate.

Once you have all your customers, communicate with them. You can send out emails to all customers or specific groups of customers. Let them know about company changes, various promotions you have, as well as other services that you offer. This ensures you stay in constant communication with customers so they are more satisfied and they remember you when a friend asks them about who their service provider is.

Track Your Employees

Your employees need to be tracked. As you schedule employees throughout the day, it's best to make sure they are being routed properly. Through mapping tools, you can dispatch your employees on routes that are more sensible. You will use less gas and ensure your employees are more productive each day.

When you track your employees better, you can also schedule them better and help them to stay happier. Happier employees provide better customer service too.

Schedule Your Day

A variety of tasks need to be completed each day. You need to follow up on customer satisfaction, order pool cleaning products, take inventories and figure out which customers have paid and which customers have not. When you can schedule your day on the computer, no task goes uncompleted. You can also delegate some of your tasks to other users.

Staying in control of your pool and spa company is important. the moment you lose control is the moment you begin a downward trend on sales and profits.


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