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Service Software for Your Pet Sitting Business

Taking care of other people's pets is a calling for many. It provides a way to make income while doing what they love and keeping pets happy and healthy. However, this doesn't make it free from the hassles associated with running any kind of business. A little bit of organization goes a long way.

Administrative Needs of Pet Sitting Businesses

Pet sitting is an information-intensive business. In addition to schedules to keep, there is also a lot of information on each client and their pets that needs to be readily accessible. Special requests, allergies, behavioral tendencies, the name and address of a primary vet and more need to be on hand at all times in order to give clients the best possible experience.

For small businesses that have more than one employee, scheduling is also very important. Pet sitting involves a organizing a large number of appointments and moving from one client's home to the next. An organized schedule is a necessity so that it is easy to discern who, if anyone, has availability at the desired dates and times when a client calls to book a sitter.

A Software Solution

ServiceCEO Office Edition is software designed to help small pet sitting business owners like yourself overcome these obstacles. It has a host of useful features that is designed to help you grow your business and grow with your business.

How ServiceCEO Helps

The customer information screen of ServiceCEO Office Edition is perfect for recording all sorts of data. This can include the basics such as pet owner information and pet's names, but also information such as walking preferences and meal times. Keeping all of the information in an electronic database makes it easy to access whenever someone needs it. This section of the program also includes billing history and information on past, current, and future jobs for each client, all conveniently in one location.

The scheduling tool is essential for a pet sitting business that juggles many clients at once. it can be used to mark when client appointments are, and even help you figure out which employee is the best choice for the job. There's no more double-booking with ServiceCEO Office Edition double-checking your calendar.


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