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Managing Growth

Payan Pool Service has been maintaining, repairing and remodeling in-ground pools and spas since 1987. Like many service businesses, the Southern California-based company operated on a "trial and error" basis in its early years, according to founder and current owner Javier Payan. "When we started, it was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. We knew there had to be a better way of doing business."

Despite its success, Payan Pool Service struggled with growth. "Being a small business, we can only grow so much until things go sideways." Adding more employees and jobs meant more complex scheduling, accounting and more paperwork to shuffle. Some of the processes Javier had in place became strained by this additional complexity.

For example, Javier managed his run-repair schedule using a word processor. He had a six column page - Monday through Saturday - with color-coded text representing the schedules for different field technicians. Each morning Javier, his office staff and his crews met for an hour and a half to review changes to the schedule and jobs and tasks for the day. As the business grew, this process became difficult to manage and things started falling through the cracks. Javier became tired of waking up at night wondering if he billed out a job performed that day.

The Day Everything Changed

Like most entrepreneurs running a self-funding business, Javier was reluctant to change, or spend money on a new software program. That changed at a trade show in Las Vegas when a friend and fellow pool business owner showed Javier and his Service Manager Rocky how he managed his business with ServiceCEO. After a quick demonstration Javier "didn't know what he was missing" and Rocky "knew we had to have ServiceCEO."

Javier decided to make the jump and purchased ServiceCEO for his office staff and a few technicians. He began to experience the value of ServiceCEO right away. "Although ServiceCEO is a comprehensive solution, it's simple for the end user to understand." Javier picked up the solution and found it "easy to teach the guys how to use the solution when you showed it to them. They've embraced it."

A Night and Day Difference

With ServiceCEO up and running, Javier found that job management and scheduling became much easier. When Payal Pool Service is performing a complex job like a pool remodel involving multiple vendors, Javier can easily keep track of teams and schedules so everyone knows where they need to be. Employees show up, click on assignments, input job notes and get to work. They no longer need to spend a full hour and a half in the office each morning, which saves them more than 6 hours every day - more time billing out in the field.

Like most business owners, when Javier was in the field things got behind in the office, and when he was in the office things got behind in the field. With ServiceCEO, he's "just as effective in the truck as I am in the office." Tasks like estimates can be done on site. Javier can visit a new job, power up his laptop in his truck, draw up an estimate, email it instantly to the customer, and leave. Without the trips back and forth to the office, Javier has a new level of freedom and flexibility. Now that he can log into ServiceCEO to "keep an eye on the business," Javier can even relax on vacation-almost.

Customer service has improved as well. Before ServiceCEO, when a customer called to ask what their service day was, Javier or one of his employees would have to dig through schedules to find the information-sometimes needing to call the customer back. Now, when they punch the name into ServiceCEO, they can see the service day, the tech's name and when they will be on site. Being able to answer questions in a timely and professional manner has dramatically improved customer service.

 "ServiceCEO integrates the whole operation. With everyone on the same page, it's a night and day difference."

A Solution that Grows with Your Business

With ServiceCEO, there's no more waking up in the middle of the night, no more missed appointments and perhaps most importantly, more free evenings. With information at everyone's fingertips, historical job information securely stored in the system for reference, and easy views of who is doing what and what was done-Payan Pool Service has become a high-performance business.

ServiceCEOhas helped the company grow without pain. Now that they can easily add new employees and increase the number of jobs they perform, revenues have increased significantly. Since using ServiceCEO, despite the recession, Payan Pool Service has grown revenues more than 50% in the last two and a half years.

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