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Software for Patio & Deck Businesses

Whether you are building patio decks or you're sealing them, you have jobs constantly going on. It doesn't matter whether you're a one-man show or you have a growing staff to help you with all the business you've acquired. You need to manage your clients, your employees and ensure that no tasks are going uncompleted. This will leave more time for you to enjoy yourself without worrying about every last detail of your business.

ServiceCEO Office Edition is patio deck software available in a package that is installed onto your computer. There's even a mobile app option to give you even more control.

Follow-Up on Estimates

The majority of your business revolves around giving out estimates. Once you give an estimate, it needs to be logged. This way you have customer information, you know what was quoted and can be reminded to follow-up. A lack of following up on estimates given could be costing you a number of jobs around town. When a customer doesn't receive a follow-up, they could be going with another contractor.

With the right application for reminders, you can establish your closing ratios to improve upon them regularly.

Having a Scheduling Assistant

A built-in assistant can help you with scheduling your staff and scheduling your jobs. Your employees need to know when they are working. Your customers need to know when they are getting their patio deck. Our dispatch board will allow you to manage the entire day with a map, drag and drop features and much more. This will ensure everyone is staying within one area of town instead of driving all over the place.

You can also choose to view a calendar that gives you an outlook of your day or week. This includes listing your jobs, all of your tasks and much more!

Enjoy More Time for You

When you're not wasting time entering information over and over again in the computer and sorting through piles of paperwork, you will be surprised at just how much time you have for yourself. ServiceCEO Office Edition will help you run your business in a smarter way.

Patio deck software is the solution you've been looking for. It allows you to be the boss without having to get caught up in piles of paperwork. Plus, you will always have details about your business at your fingertips.


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