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Company Overview

Industry: Chimney Sweeps 
Year Founded: 1955 
Number of Office Employees:
 1 employees 
Number of Field Employees: 5 employees 

Business Challenges

Mason's Chimney Service was using ACT! software which was working well for the company until the company started growing and its needs became more complex. The program was not sufficiently robust enough to handle the amount of information the company was managing or the company's heavy use of the system, and as a result would regularly slow down the company's system and bring day-to-day business activities to a grinding halt. Upgrades to the software also did not help and just added to more frustration for the Mason's Chimney Service.

Why ServiceCEO?

After an extensive and careful evaluation of other business management software solutions, Mason's Chimney Service turned to WorkWave™'s ServiceCEO. According to Anastasia Ridgeway, president of Mason's Chimney Service, ServiceCEO offered the most complete and robust system, particularly in the areas of organizing client appointments, billing and document history. 

"Switching to ServiceCEO took away a lot of frustrations we were experiencing without compromising our options ... now making adjustments or changes is quick and easy," said Ridgeway.

Key Feature

Invoice Creation

The invoicing feature in ServiceCEO allows Mason's Chimney Service to track client balances much easier than a manual method. It was easy for them to overlook a balance owed before. When the invoicing is combined with ServiceCEO's reporting, it allows them to easily view and track outstanding balances. In addition, having printed invoices for the clients offers a more professional presentation of the bill.

keyfeature masonschimney

Time Savings

Since switching to ServiceCEO, Mason's Chimney Service saves about two hours a day in managing the company's invoicing, work orders and scheduling. In a tightly run, small company, the extra two hours a day allows Ridgeway to focus on making her customers happy and identifying areas to help the business grow.

savingschart masonschimney

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