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Maintenance Service Software

Ironically, customers often expect higher levels of customer service from a small business. The business owner, who is frequently the main business operator, is easily accessible to both satisfied as well as unsatisfied customers. It is critical to the life of the small business to meet or exceed expected customer service levels.

Many businesses are able to attract customers via online or other sales and marketing strategies but are not able to close sales efficiently because of antiquated job estimating and follow up processes. Accurate job estimating involves matching business policies and pricing strategies with customer needs. Often there are many questions that must be answered by the customer in order to complete a job estimate. If the business operator cannot ask the right questions and give accurate information the first time, the customer is likely to move on to competitors.

From the marketing it takes to obtain a customer to the job completion and follow up, customers expect business operations to be professional and seamless. Customers expect a company to provide quick, near accurate cost estimates for services. They expect flexible scheduling options, service technicians that arrive on time, and quality service guaranteed. To help meet these expectations, business managers look for service software that automates business processes for them.

Why Having the Right Software Matters

Service software enables business owners to pre-script questions for customers to obtain the right information to produce accurate job estimates. Then, with ServiceCEO Office Edition, you will be able to calculate the time and effort to complete a job  and provide professional looking estimates to your customers.

Estimating the software is only half of the equation. Once the estimate is calculated, it falls upon the business owner to place the job on the schedule so that customers get the help they need in a timely manner. In addition, it can help you dispatch the right technician for the right job to ensure the job is done right the first time. This makes for happier customers and employees.


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