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Software for Maid Companies

Managing a maid service can be an overwhelming process. When you have a variety of customers, you need to keep them in order. You also need to focus on dispatching the maids to each home, handling billing correctly and much more. To avoid over complicating the tasks handled in the back office, you need better software. Maid service software like ServiceCEO Office Edition can make it a lot easier for you to manage your business.

Manage Your Customers

It's possible to manage your customers better when you have customer management software doing the work for you. You will be able to know the details about each customers and include a variety of details. You can find out with the click of a button what their cleaning schedule is like and who you will schedule to make the visit.

When you have better control over your customers, you can add more without complicating matters. It will allow you to grow your business and achieve greater success. All without adding more work for you or your employees!

Manage Your Employees

Managing your employees asks some effort too. Whether you have one maid or several maids working for you, each of them have different schedules, different pay rates and much more. You will be able to handle their schedule, their payroll and much more with ServiceCEO Office Edition.

When there is more on your computer, you can eliminate a lot of the files in your office. This will make it easier to stay up on the needs of your employees. They will be happier too, because they will see their schedule sooner, get paid more accurately and so much more!

Focus on the Bottom Line

With better maid service software, you can focus on your bottom line. Some of your employees, or you, may be doing the same work again and again because of using too many software programs. When everything is inclusive, you're more productive. This allows you to spend more time out in the field for customer satisfaction and getting new business.

With ServiceCEO Office Edition you can run reports to find out about your customers, your employees and your sales. This will allow you to get more analysis on your business to make key decisions. You can save time and money around every turn when you have ServiceCEO Office Edition on your computer. If you're always on the run, you can even pull up the information from your mobile phone.


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