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Software for Lawn Care Companies

Running your lawn care business can go easier. There are customers that need estimates, staff that needs to be dispatched and bills that need to be paid. Whether you have an assistant or not, you are likely inundated with paperwork. A lot of this can be eliminated with ServiceCEO Office Edition.

Our lawn care software will allow you to integrate such programs as customer relationship management, route management and billing into one.

Easy Access to Customer Files

Whether you're mowing a lawn or you're sitting in the office, you need to access customer files quickly. This will help you find out all of the important details - such as whether someone has paid their bill or not. When you provide an estimate for someone, it will allow you to do a quick follow-up. This will make it easier to close more deals.

Your customer files need to be maintained on the computer. When everything is on the computer, it will allow you to use the information throughout other areas, preventing duplicate entries. It will also allow you to send out emails through Outlook to tell customers about specials and any computer changes.

Manage Employees Quickly

Employees need to know what's going on too. When they are happier with the job, they will be more productive and provide better customer service. You can create schedules for your employees and handle payroll to ensure they are always getting paid correctly and on time.

When it comes to dispatching your employees to the various properties that need lawn care, you want to keep everyone in areas that are close to each other. Otherwise you will be wasting gas, adding wear and tear to company vehicles and more. A dispatch board will provide you a simple way to drag and drop everyone into position.

Understand your Business Financials

Customers need to pay their bills, you need to pay your incoming bills and inventory needs to be managed. When everything is inside of a single application, you never forget to handle a task. With a few easy to read reports, you can understand your financials better. This will prevent you from going in the red and will have you making better business decisions.

ServiceCEO Office Edition can be installed on your computer and even a mobile app can be installed on your smartphone. Forget about managing paperwork - it can all be done with ServiceCEO Office Edition.


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