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Company Overview

Industry: Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning 
Year Founded: 1993 
Number of Office Employees:
 4 employees 
Number of Field Employees: 100 employees 

Business Challenges

Kleen Teem employees were originally using a manual calendar in Access to schedule jobs, only to retype the invoice into QuickBooks. Besides being time consuming and tedious, the company found that in many instances jobs were sometimes done, but never billed.

Why ServiceCEO?

According to Kleen Teem IT Director Charles Robinson, the company chose ServiceCEO over a host of other software providers because it was truly the only comprehensive end-to-end business Solution that met their company's business objectives. Robinson also notes ServiceCEO's easy-to-configure platform and very knowledgeable support staff as key reasons for the success the company has had with the program. Finally, Robinson adds "As an IT person, the ability to use SQL lets us tailor CEO to our business."

Key Features

Scheduling and Invoicing

The Kleen Teem cites ServiceCEO's automated scheduling and invoice creation as its greatest functions. "We know that if we did the work, our employees will be paid for it, and the job will be billed," says Robinson.

keyfeature invoicing

Time Savings 
Overall, ServiceCEO saves Kleen Team about 14 man hours a day. The time savings, and the increased productivity that it's brought, is in addition to the increase in billings through the elimination of job data entry errors and omissions. As a result, the business has been able expand into new markets and increase sales to its current customers.

savingschart kleenteem

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