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Janitorial Service Software

Running a janitorial business can become overwhelming. You have to keep customers satisfied and you have to dispatch your employees accordingly. If you are unable to keep up on these two main aspects, it may be difficult for you to grow your business. While it's vital to focus on your bottom line, there are other things that warrant your attention too.

By utilizing janitorial software like ServiceCEO Office Edition, you can get assistance where you need it. Have customer relationship management software, scheduling tools and a dispatch board all integrated into one solution so you can control your janitorial team with ease.

Manage Your Employees

Your employees help you a great deal. They need to be managed to maintain their level of happiness. If you have employees that are not satisfied, they may not provide the highest level of customer service, which could be very dangerous to your business.

Ensure employees are scheduled properly, paid accurately and routed to the right jobs. You can do all of this from a single platform - and even access the details from your mobile device. This way you can always find out what's going on with your employees, no matter where you are.

Control Your Bottom Line

Your bottom line is what you're in the janitorial business for. You have inventory to maintain, supplies to order, customers to bill and bills to pay. All of this will impact your bottom line in one way or another. By using integrated accounting software, you are in control of what your finances look like.

You can use ServiceCEO Office Edition to change the way you run your janitorial business. It will be easier than ever before to eliminate paperwork and get the right level of help when it's all on your computer.


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