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Holiday Lighting Installation Services Software

Seasonal services such as holiday lighting installation brings a host of new and repeat customers all at once, if you can manage them. Delivering one type of service to a large number of customers in a short time requires software tailored for efficiency. Converting those customers into year-round clients means using software that is flexible enough to handle them as they diversify in their orders.

Customer & Workforce Management

Customer management is a key to keeping your business alive, but you also need to keep your people working efficiently, dispatching and managing routes. Following up on jobs, submitting bills and keeping your books updated will make sure that yo don't have to catch up on a pile of paperwork later. Then as your employees team up and disperse to keep holiday lighting projects staffed right, employee management keeps them paid for the hours worked and helps you manage overtime, staffing and job costing giving you more control over labor costs. As your workforce expands during the peak season, you can handle the changes easily.

Keeping Up with the Flood of Seasonal Jobs

When clients make "artistic changes" to their lighting display designs, job management keeps you on top of the work to be done and the time and supplies needed. Whether on your computer or mobile device, keeping jobs updated with last minute changes and requirements can be a lifesaver.

Software that Meets Your Needs

ServiceCEO Office Edition is a comprehensive software package for service businesses filling the need for the holiday rush and year-round installations, repairs and upgrades of electrical and other services. With strong features and a mobile app, you can keep organized during busy season, keep your books up to date using Quickbooks integration, and market holiday light installation services to new and existing customers.

The holidays are an opportunity to fine-tune your business while you gain new customers and keep in touch with existing ones. Using ServiceCEO Office Edition you can keep running in top form throughout the year.


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