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Handyman Service Software

Even a small business has the need to organize and track large amounts of information effectively. Without the proper software, many hours are wasted rearranging paperwork and forms that would have been better spent on the service and clients instead. Toward that end, service management software such as ServiceCEO Office Edition can make a large impact on a company's productivity.

Organize Job Projects

Keeping careful track of all current and future job projects is key to any business. With ServiceCEO, all projects can be scheduled regardless of their size and the personnel involved. By using software for scheduling purposes, it becomes much easier to assign personnel with the correct skills and experience to each job, both current and future. This also allows employers to increase productivity and make schedule changes to improve it further.

Track Customer Information

ServiceCEO Office Edition can store a large amount of information in a way that is easy to access. Being able to check information regarding each customer, such as invoices and payments is possible. Further, it is possible to keep updated on the status of each customer's current jobs as well as access information regarding past or upcoming jobs. On the customer's side, job statements are easy to access and the customer is able to provide feedback on any completed job, helping the business improve.

Inventory and Employee Management

Not only is it necessary to track all job projects, the inventory used by the company must be tracked as well to avoid losses from misplaced or stolen equipment. Keeping track of a vast inventory in ServiceCEO's databases is simple, and the ability to use bar code scanners and easily add the information to the database saves time and prevents errors. Employee access to the system can be separately configured, allowing each employee the correct level of access for their position. Keeping track of employee's performance allows employers to ascertain each individual's effort and skills.

No handyman or company can handle the job without a group of skilled individuals and an organized way of doing things. To help manage customer, employee and inventory information, service management software such as ServiceCEO is required. A well-organized business can run smoother and grow faster.


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