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Glass Replacement Service Software

Replacing glass is what your business is all about. You may be replacing glass in vehicles, homes or businesses. Regardless of who your customer base is, you need to ensure you are managing the relationships correctly. In order to do this, you also need to have a firm grasp on your employees and the ability to dispatch routes with ease.

Glass replacement software is the solution you've been looking for. It's the way to get a built-in, automated assistant that not only helps you with scheduling tasks but also is your customer relationship database, your dispatch board and your accounting program.

Scheduling Tools

Scheduling tools will provide you with an easy way to organize all of your tasks. Whether it's providing estimates to customers, ordering glass or conducting inventory, you need to stay organized. If you forget one task, it could be disastrous. When it's automated with ServiceCEO Office Edition, you get reminders and you can delegate other tasks out to employees.

Customer Database

Customer databases should be maintained electronically. This will eliminate mass amounts of paperwork. It will also make it easier for you to manage estimates, follow up on estimates provided and enhance you closing ratio where ever you may be.

Once customer information is at your fingertips, you can provide better customer relations.

Dispatch Board

A dispatch board will make it easy to send the right employees to the right jobs. Depending upon your service area, it will make it easier to ensure that employees aren't driving all over the place. This will prevent using too much gas and putting unnecessary wear and tear on your company vehicles.

With a better route management system, you can improve customer relations at the same time. Faster services will make it easier for customers to be happy with your services.

Accounting Programs

Accounting programs are integrated into ServiceCEO Office Edition as well. This will make it easier to bill customers, pay your bills and handle staff payroll. When everything is in one program, the communication is easier. You won't have to enter the same information twice.

All you need is ServiceCEO Office Edition on your computer. You will gain more control of your business and improve relations with your customers. It will be very easy to figure out what you need when it's all automated for you. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can have what you need to run your business.


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