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Renting generators and providing other services may be your business, but you may find yourself doing much more throughout the work week. If you are inundated with paperwork instead of managing your business, it's time to find a smarter solution.

Generator service rental software can give you more control of your business. You can manage employees, customer relationships and deal with accounting all from the same program.

Schedule Your Employees

Your employees need to be scheduled to handle all of the generator services. Whether you operate a small staff or large staff, they need to be scheduled.

When you have employees in ServiceCEO Office Edition, you can drag and drop them based upon where they are needed the most. if you have a large service area, it's important to schedule effectively. Otherwise you could have two employees in the same area and one driving all over town. The better you manage, the easier it will be to improve employee productivity.

Manage Customer Relationships

Customer relationships must be manged for a generator service business to be successful. Every customer is capable of telling others about your services. If you miss opportunities to please your customers, you could be missing out on new customers as well.

You need to follow up on customers from the first moment you meet them. This includes after you've provided an estimate as well as once they have received their generator. When you maintain a satisfied customers, it will be easy to get repeat business from them.

With a customer relationship management software program, you can put together lists to send emails to your customers quickly. Their information will also carry through to your accounting software so you don't have to enter the information over and over again.

Stay Up to Date on Financials

Profits are what you are in business for. As you maintain your generator business, you need to order materials, handle inventory and bill your customers in a timely fashion. By having all of this automated, it will be easier to manage your finances and avoid going into the red.

With ServiceCEO Office Edition on your computer, you can do a lot of the accounting procedures on your own. This will save you a lot of labor by not having to hire other staff members. It will also ensure you are always on top of what's going on with the finances of your business.

All you need is ServiceCEO Office Edition to get started.


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