Franchisor Software Solutions

With ServiceCEO, happy Franchisees are only an install away

Let's face it, you're in the Franchising business, not the software business. If you're like most Franchisors, providing software to your Franchisees is difficult at best. And if you're building your own software then difficult doesn't even come close to describing what you're going through.

Over 50 field service Franchisors have chosen ServiceCEO for some very specific reasons. First and foremost, ServiceCEO will help your Franchisees manage and grow their businesses. Franchisees are happy when they have a tool that is easy to use and it works. Franchisors are happy when their Franchisees are growing and not complaining about their software.

ServiceCEO allows you the ability to maintain control, even shutting down the software if a Franchisee leaves the system or stops paying. As a Franchisor you can have real-time access to your Franchisees data, allowing you to make sure everything is in order or just to check on how things are going.

Most Franchisors enjoy quickly gathering financial data for royalty reports that are accurate and timely. Of course you can gather other data that will help your entire Franchise system as well.

We know how to make Franchisors successful deploying our software. We've done it many times. Use our experience to help make your software roll-out a pleasant one.

Key Benefits for Franchisor

  • Less time focusing on software and more time focusing on Franchising
  • Control - A turn off feature that will shut down the franchisees software
  • Access Franchisees data at any time
  • Royalty reports
  • Faster growing Franchisees
  • Outsource support at your option
  • No more distraction of building and managing software

Key Benefits for Franchisee

  • Proven software to manage their business
  • Optimizes day-to-day operations
  • New features every 6 months
  • Professional support at Franchisors option


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