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Food Equipment Repair Service Software

Repair food equipment can seem like a never-ending job. Restaurants call you all the time to repair ovens, microwaves and everything else within their kitchens. You need to know which clients are which, where your repair staff is at and what each contract contains. Rather than taking each day as it comes and wading through piles of paperwork, ServiceCEO Office Edition can keep you organized.

By installing our software for your food equipment repair software to your computer, you can have all of what you need integrated into a single program.

Learn More About Your Clients

Clients keep you in business. You need to know about their needs, their equipment contracts and much more. From the day you provide them with an equipment repair estimate, their information needs to be logged. This ensures you remember to follow up with them on the estimate to close the deal. It will also allow you to send emails to your clients periodically to remind them about your business. Without these reminders, they can easily flee to a competitor.

With up to date information on your clients, you can also find out who has paid and who has yet to pay.

Dispatch Your Employees

When a restaurant calls, you need to respond quickly. The majority of customers call the moment something breaks and they don't want to wait hours for you to respond. Your technicians need to be dispatched correctly.

Our dispatch board will allow you to see where all of your technicians are currently located. You can then see what customers are on the board that needs to be dispatched. With drag and drop functionality, you can put each technician to the job that is closest to where they are. This will prevent them driving all over the city.

Better routing leads to higher profits and improved productivity.

Track Sales and Contracts

Sales of contracts, warranty work and much more has to be tracked and managed. If you don't bill a customer until a job is closed, you also need to track all of this. When it's done on the computer, you eliminate bills getting lost in the shuffle. This will have a positive impact on your cash flow.

ServiceCEO Office Edition can be installed to your computer and even access from your smartphone. The moment you begin using it, you will have more control over your business.


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