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Fleet Maintenance & Repair Software

Fleet maintenance is not as easy as it sounds. Not only do you have to manage a business that includes multiple workers, you also have to make sure that they are doing the right job at the right time over a large geographic region. It is critical that you expand your management capacity quickly, otherwise you will start losing money at an astonishing rate. Instead of hiring new managers, why not simply organize better with software?

Keeping Jobs in Order

One of the hardest things about fleet maintenance and repair is that your work is never simple. Although you try to keep things as organized as possible, the fact of the matter is that there are going to be hundreds of jobs that are completely unique.

Say you have two separate transmission replacements to perform on two seemingly identical model shipping trucks. Unfortunately, you didn't know beforehand that one has an additional third-party engine computer system installed. Although it won't really be hard to get out of the way so  that you can get to the transmission, it will definitely set your workers back a day or so until they can find a manual. This delay seems small until you remember that you've already scheduled the next job.

Management software that lets you view your schedule by specific project or by date is essential. you can make changes to schedules and employee assignments in an instant, allowing for easier management of unforeseen circumstances.

Building Consumer Accounts

You've probably done more than one job for the same customer. Many of your consumers operate large fleets, after all. It's critical that you keep their details in order, but you have many other customers as well.

Good fleet maintenance business management software lets you store customer information in a well-ordered fashion. You can instantly look up old customers by job and thus make more accurate repairs based on their past preferences and notes your workers previously recorded. This makes you far more professional than your competitors.

Managing Multiple Facilities

If all goes well, you'll eventually expand to more than one garage or service center. Don't do it without preparing your management software first. ServiceCEO Office Edition lets you keep track of your projects at multiple locations, providing you with a virtual bird's eye view of your business landscape. It's impossible to chart out your future course without such a perspective.


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