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Service Software for Electricians

Wiring a home or business is what you do every day. You may not give much though to it, but your electrician business has a lot of different components. You have to manage your customers, schedule your workers and keep up with everything in the back office to ensure you're being paid and you're paying all of your bills. Whether you are doing everything on your own or if you are counting on someone else to do it for you, a better software program can help you manage your business.

ServiceCEO Office Edition software for your electrician service business will allow you to manage customers, have a powerful dispatch board and integrate your billing into a single solution.

Run Your Electrician Business With Ease

Your customers keep you in business. These relationships need to be maintained from the very beginning. Log estimates provided to new customers so you can remember to follow-up with them. If you don't follow up, they could easily go with a competitor. Improving your closing ratios will improve your overall business.

In addition to estimates, you need to communicate with your customers. The customer data allows you to export for mail merges to send correspondence to all of your customers or specific groups to tell them about your products and services.

Dispatch All Employees

Employees have to be dispatched carefully. If you end up dispatching one electrician to all areas of town, you could be wasting gas and wear and tear on your vehicles. By creating a dispatch board, you can pull all of your jobs up. It will then be easy to see where every job is in relation to where your drivers are. When you get an emergency call, you an dispatch the right person to the job.

Manage Your Finances

Your finances are ultimately why you're in business. If your bottom line is suffering, something is not going right. with better software in place, you can find out which customers had paid, when bills need to be sent out and what bills are incoming. you can also manage inventory and find out what needs to be purchased for your business.

There are all sorts of benefits available with electrician software. Your customers deserve the best, as do your employees. You can give them what they need and manage your business better when the information is always at your fingertips.  We offer the best service software for electrical service companies.  Want to see for yourself?  Request a free demo below.


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