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Data Conversion

Use our built in "import wizard" to move data from your old software to ServiceCEO Office Edition.

For most users, our "import wizard" will help you move data from your existing software to ServiceCEO Office Edition. If you want some extra help or have complex data needs, we offer comprehensive data conversion services to help you rapidly migrate your data to ServiceCEO.

The cost for a custom data conversion varies based on complexity. Most conversion projects take 2 to 4 days to complete.

At WorkWave™ we are skilled in converting data from a variety of applications ranging from old FoxPro databases to Act to QuickBooks to CSV files. Since many of our new users switch to ServiceCEO from other field service applications, we are experts in this type of conversion.

To view a video describing the data conversion process, please click here.

Simple steps for data conversion:

Step 1 - Initial consultation with our data services team to determine a full fixed price quote (cost is $600 which includes 4 hours of time where we assist you with extraction of data from your current program and mapping for import into ServiceCEO. (Note: Any remaining balance will be credited towards the conversion)

Step 2 - We provide you with a fixed price quote for the complete data conversion.

Step 3 - Once you have accepted this quote, we can set up a specific date to move forward with the conversion. This date is chosen to minimize your downtime while we are converting your data into ServiceCEO. 

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