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Computer Services Software

Running a computer service business is never easy. Whether you're in the office all the time or you're one of the ones making house calls, you need to know what's going on. With the right software downloaded to your computer, you can make short work of staying up to date. This way you can have more information about your clients, your employees and your finances at your fingertips.

ServiceCEO Office Edition can integrate all that is important to you. When you're on the go, there's also a mobile application that you can get as well.

Manage Your Customer Data

Your customers may be recurring. Just because they needed one service from you doesn't  mean that they will never contact you again. This means you need to manage this relationship in one way or another. Keep all of your customers in one convenient location. The data can also be exported for a mail merge to Outlook so you can easily send out emails to you customers as well.

If you provide any kind of quote to a customer, you also need to follow up on it. Otherwise, you could be missing out on potential sales.

Take Control of Your Employees

Whether you have a few employees or a lot of employees, they need to know what's going on. Schedule them appropriately based on the needs of your business. Ensure they are paid correctly. And most importantly, when you have to dispatch them to a call, make sure it is close to where they already are if at all possible.

When you do a better job with scheduling, you can prevent poor productivity from your employees. They will work better and that will contribute better to your bottom line.

Know What's Going on in the Office

Your customers need to be billed and payment needs to be collected. You also need to be certain all of your incoming bills are getting paid on time. All of your billing can be integrated along with other aspects of your service business with ServiceCEO Office Edition. At a moment's glance, you can have piece of mind everything is being taken care of.

Managing a computer service business isn't easy, but with the right software, it can get easier. ServiceCEO Office Edition will provide you with an automated way to handle many of your day to day tasks and give you an overview of your business.


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