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Software for Cleaning Companies

Every Small Business has Problems

There are many good things about running a small business. These include helping out the local community, providing a needed service to friends and neighbors, employing people who appreciate more than just the earned wage. Yet, with the good comes the bad and there are many hassles that a cleaning business owner knows about. Hassles such as keeping track of inventory, knowing what equipment is out on a job, knowing what equipment needs repairs, keeping track of what money is going in and out just to name a few. In a larger corporation there would be employees handling each of these individually. However, a small cleaning company may not have the labor for these jobs.

There is a Solution

A business doesn't need a hundred employees to run an office. A small software package can help take seemingly monumental tasks and make them small enough for one person. All a business needs is a computer with someone knowledgeable to turn it on. The enormous task of running a company can become something mundane and easy. ServiceCEO Office Edition by WorkWave™ can fill this void. We include a full-sized set of tools in one small package. We include every tool needed for service business project management including Scheduling, Sales, Inventory Management, On-Site Equipment Management, Cost Estimates and much more! Our full-featured suite can be adapted for the changing needs of your service business. Each tool can be used or not, depending on the need of the moment. This software also includes integration with industry wide tools such as Quickbooks and other common programs.

Make Your Life easier

Running a business isn't all fun and games, but using ServiceCEO Office Edition can make your life so much easier. All the data that comes with running a business is compacted in to one space. This will cut down on time needed to do a job right while helping all parts of the company, from payroll to equipment upkeep. The best part of owning a business is seeing it become better and seeing it grow. Using a software package like ServiceCEO Office Edition can help in both areas. We will help your business become everything it can and should be, while helping the employees and customers that make the business grow.


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