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Company Overview

Industry: Residential Cleaning & Gardening 
Year Founded: 2005 
Number of Office Employees:
 1 employees 
Number of Field Employees: 19 employees

Business Challenges

When Mathias Grobet started his own professional home cleaning company in Switzerland in 2005, he faced a major challenge. Grobet's labor costs were significantly higher than what a similar company in the United States would have -- $18 per hour for a basic cleaning person. Due to the high costs, Grobet decided to run the entire business, now called Casalys, on his own including all of the company's marketing, accounting, human resources and sales. In addition, Grobet was solely responsible for managing his 6 cleaning teams and a gardening team -- totalling 19 employees. Soon Grobet couldn't manage the business without the help of some software.

Why ServiceCEO?

After doing extensive research into business management solutions which also included an in-person visit to WorkWave™'s corporate office in the United States, Grobet selected WorkWave's ServiceCEO as the core business management solution that would help him run his day-to-day business operations. 

"ServiceCEO was the clear choice and has established itself as the leading software solution for the home cleaning market," says Grobet.

Key Feature


Casalys' scheduling was originally done using Microsoft Outlook and Excel. Now, ServiceCEO makes it a lot easier for Grobet to manage all of his customers' schedules which include over recurring schedules and about 50 one-time appointments per month. 

"With ServiceCEO, we never miss any appointments. Customer satisfaction and retention is high and field employees feel reassured that there is a solid process behind them," says Grobet.

Time Savings

Through the Scheduling Assistant tools and the automated generation of work orders, Casalys saves 6 man-hours per day. The real benefit of ServiceCEO comes, however, from the fact that creating and growing the business would never have been possible without the efficiency that ServiceCEO provides. 

Savings Chart

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