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Throughout your community, residents own boats. A boat washing and detailing service is a great way to tap into the residents' needs, but only if you are managing your business properly. Word of mouth is an effective marketing tool, which means you need to develop and manage customer relationships effectively.

With the use of boat washing and detailing service software, you can manage estimates, customer details and staff more readily.

Manage Open Estimates

Open estimates have to be managed. The moment you tell someone what it will cost to wash and detail their boat, you need to log their information into the software. This will ensure you can follow up quickly to find out if they have any additional questions for you. When you follow up, you increase the likelihood of booking those services.

Once a customer has agreed to the estimate you provide, it will create an open job. This makes it easier to schedule an employee to take care of it, bill the customer and ensure they pay in a prompt manner. Managing your business will be easier and paperwork will be eliminated.

Engage Customers

Customers need to be engaged. Remember that boat washing and detailing isn't a one-time thing. You want your customers to remember you on a regular basis - otherwise they will quickly book your competition instead.

Through customer relationship management software, you can use your contacts to send emails quickly. You can tell them about specials, services and other details to communicate with them on a regular basis.

Schedule Employees and Tasks

Employees will need to be scheduled to the customer requests that you have coming in. Your customers will likely want their boats washed and detailed in a prompt manner due to a special occasion or outing. If you wait too long to service their requests, you won't get the repeat business that you are anticipating.

Tasks must also be scheduled. As a manager or owner, you have a million and one things to do. If something is forgotten, it could have a negative impact on your business. This can be avoided simply by letting the software schedule everything for you.

Having the right software can mean the difference of managing your business better. Boat washing and detailing service software will eliminate piles of paperwork and allow you better control of your day to day operations.


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