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Basement Waterproofing Service Software

Waterproofing basements not only requires skilled technicians on your staff. It also requires you to have a well-organized back office. If you aren't managing your customers and your routes, it can be problematic. If you're not organized within you accounting software, it can also lead to you going into the red. When you want to ensure your business is running well, you need a solution that actually works.

ServiceCEO Office Edition integrates all the solutions you need for your basement waterproofing business into one. This will save you time and help you operate more efficiently.

Meet the Needs of Your Customers

Your customers must come first. You can manage customers in a single tap. This includes managing estimates, following up and even sending out emails to your customers. You may have more than one service to offer your customers. Just because they asked you to waterproof their basement doesn't mean that you're done with them. You can reach out to them over and over again as your services expand.

Managing your customers will lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction and getting paid on time. It can also turn into more customer referrals, which is always a good thing.

Meet the Needs of Your Staff

Your staff has needs too. They need to be scheduled properly. They need to be paid correctly. They also need to be dispatched in a manner that doesn't have them driving all over town throughout the day. When you utilize ServiceCEO Office Edition, all of this can be simplified.

You can dispatch your employees from your computer. This includes a map of the area, your customers pinpointed on them and a drag and drop capability. Within minutes, a schedule for the day can be drafted that tells everyone where they need to be and when.

Learn More About Your Basement Business

When all of the details of your business are in one location, you get constant access. You can choose to pull up the information using a mobile app or run reports on your computer. You can find out about service contracts, closed jobs, accounting details and much more!

All you need is software for your basement waterproofing business like ServiceCEO Office Edition that will allow you to run your business better. You won't spend so much time entering the same information over and over again. You can also get better reports to make smarter decisions about your business.


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