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Auto Dealing Business Software

Your auto detailing service may be going well or it may be struggling. You can boost sales and improve profits by gaining more control over your customers, your staff and everything going on within the back office. Paperwork may be piling up because you don't have the staff you need to take care of it for you. By using the right software on your computer, you can get control of everything.

Auto detailing service software puts you in control. It merges customer relationship software with scheduling tools and even accounting software so you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Easily Keep Contact With Customers

Auto detailing customers can be regular customers if you allow them to be. You need to manage customer relationships in order for this to happen. This means following up on their satisfaction and communicating with them regularly.

Through the software, you can contact all your customers or groups of customers instantly. This allows you to connect with your customers about specials you have, additional services you have added and much more!

Employees Managed Effectively

Your employees have to be managed. Whether you have a small staff or a large staff, the expectations are the same. You need to provide schedules for your employees and pay them promptly. If you cannot do that you will not have employees to manage.

When you have happier employees, you have happier customers. This is because the staff will provide better customer service.

As you manage your employees, you can do so easier with an integrated dispatch board. You will be able to pull up a map of the area to see where your customers are. This will make it easier to route your employees in an effective manner without sending them back and forth across town.

Accounting Problems Solved

Accounting problems can occur when your customers are not billed promptly. Each order can be managed easier through software. You can close an order and instantly send out a bill to ensure you collect payment faster. This will allow you to focus on your accounts payable as well.

Better software will allow you to control you business and focus on a better bottom line. ServiceCEO Office Edition can be installed quickly onto your computer. Within minutes, you will see how much easier your day to day operations will be.


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