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Auto Dealership Fleet Washing Software

Auto dealerships can't sell cars unless the cars are clean. Fleet washing services are the way that you stay in business. You need to ensure you are managing your clients to get the most out of them. This involves constant communication as well as the ability to manage their needs along with everything else that you have going on.

Auto dealership fleet washing software puts you in control of everything again. You can have a lot of tasks automated to save you time and increase productivity of your staff.

Manage Your Clients

Your clients have to be managed from day 1. The moment they contact you for services, you need to log their information. Even if you are unable to get their business immediately, you can stay in communication with them and convince them that you are the right choice.

After they become your client, you can maintain communication and ensure that you are providing them with all of the services they need. This means scheduling services for them promptly, following up on provided services and billing them in a timely manner.

Employee Management

Your employees have to be managed. They need to get a schedule, be paid correctly and be sent to the right dealerships at the right time. The best way to do this is by using integrated software. This will allow you to control payroll, dispatching information and everything else from a single software platform.

You will be able to keep employees more productive. When you don't waste labor hours, you will contribute more to the bottom line. This allows you to focus on other ways to increase business instead of worrying about how to cut labor hours.


Accounting must also be managed. Accounts receivable and accounts payable are ongoing. You have to be paid promptly from the auto dealerships and you have to send out your own payments to various vendors that you work with.

When you have constant access to your financials, you can make better decisions for your business.

ServiceCEO Office Edition will change the way you run your business. Managing your operations will be smoother than ever simply by having all the features at your fingertips. your employees and your customers will be happier, which means it will be easier to increase profits by taking on more business.


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