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Company Overview

Industry: Pest Control 
Year Founded: 1995 
Number of Office Employees:
 3 employees 
Number of Field Employees: 2 employees

Business Challenges

In this industry, like most others, All 'Round Pest Control found that customer service is the key to retaining accounts and having a history of your customers' jobs and preferences at your fingertips is crucial. Owner/Business Manager Debbie Molina said the company relied on manual and disjointed processes to manage their customer data and overall business. As the company grew, she needed a solution that could help automate the business and efficiently manage the company's customer base.

Why ServiceCEO?

ServiceCEO made managing customers a snap. The program allows Molina to log in comprehensive notes for each account and link other files such as Word documents and spreadsheets to those customer records. In addition, scheduling features in ServiceCEO provide various views and ways to see appointments and manage them efficiently. Each software user can set their own preferences for viewing appointments to make it easier to offer and make additional appointments efficiently.

Key Feature

Work Orders

Creating and distributing work orders is a daily affair at All 'Round Pest Control. Service CEO has made it possible for employees to preview all open orders per technician and to print out all orders with a daily route sheet within minutes. Molina credits ServiceCEO for dramatically improving efficiency in the office.

keyfeature allround

Time Savings

Overall, ServiceCEO saves All 'Round Pest Control about 6 hours per day by improving the efficiency of their scheduling and work order and invoice creation and distribution. In addition, though, ServiceCEO also saves All 'Round Pest Control critical time every day with customer management through the use of the powerful Advanced Sort capabilities that enable the company's users to sort through their entire customer base by zip code or any other known factor in seconds. 

Savings Chart

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