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Taking ServiceCEO to the Next Level

AllDura had been using ServiceCEO for two years, but the company was under-utilizing ServiceCEO's software features and functionality. This unique case study highlights how AllDura employed the expert consulting services of Workwave™ to turn this situation around and maximize the return on their investment.

Company Overview

AllDura offers a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services to commercial customers, as well as inorganic, sustainable surface Solutions for HVAC units, floors, bathrooms, anti-graffiti surfaces, concrete and masonry, metals and automobiles.

Size: 10 employees 
Year Founded: 2000 
Headquarters: Bakersfield, CA 
Decision-Maker: John Trussell, CEO

AllDura's Challenges

Trussell purchased ServiceCEO in 2003. Over time it became apparent that its employees were under-utilizing ServiceCEO's full feature capabilities and the software was not implemented in an optimal configuration. AllDura needed professional expertise to maximize the return on their investment.

AllDura's Solution

In a business venture prior to AllDura, Trussell had once invested over one million dollars in a software system that did not even meet his expectations ($350,000 on software and $700,000 on additional services).

In comparison to that costly decision, Trussell was confident that WorkWave knew how to deliver an affordable software Solution while maximizing ServiceCEO's capabilities and features.

Trussell tapped into the expertise and consulting services of WorkWave. An expert consultant was sent to work onsite with AllDura's four key staff members. The team spent three full days of intensive training and problem-solving to meet company goals set by Trussell.

According to Trussell, the WorkWave Data Systems Consultant:

Demonstrated that ServiceCEO adapts to the way AllDura operates its business
Provided guidance and strategic Solutions
Solved Business Challenges with flexible Solutions
Far exceeded AllDura's expectations

Overall Business Impact

AllDura's Benefits

Employees are now fully utilizing ServiceCEO
ServiceCEO's functionality is exceeding expectations
Company's revenue potential has increased
Increased employee productivity and efficiency
Enhanced employee morale and confidence
Able to achieve a more efficient and money-saving "paperless system"
- Achieved ownership and accountability with jobs
- Able to make better management decisions about employee performance
- Improved management of inventory tracking and onsite equipment
- Achieved better integration and linking capabilities with Microsoft Outlook
- Improved employee wireless communication
- Enhanced accounting procedures and reporting

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