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Alarm and Security Company Software

The alarm security business is never-ending. Not only do you have to install new systems, but you have to monitor the ones you already have in place. Whether you're a one-man operation or you have a large office to assist you, it's important that you are constantly organized. Failure to remain organized can cost you customers and prevent you from making the profits you want to.

You can stay better organized with ServiceCEO Office Edition. This will allow you to manage your customers, your employees and your accounting from one program. It can be downloaded to your computer and even accessed with a mobile app for your smartphone.

Find Out About Your Customers

The more you know about your customers, the better you can manage them. Learn about their billing history, the number of open jobs and much more with the client of a button. You can send out emails to a variety of your customers at once and you can log in personal details about them.

When you learn more about your customers, you find out better ways to connect with them. This leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction as well as ways to get more business through word of mouth referrals.

Route Your Security Technicians

Security technicians need to be routed effectively. You may have repair and sales staff going back and forth all over the city due to poor dispatching. Security systems need to be sold and installed, but that doesn' t mean you have to waste gas and labor doing it.

With ServiceCEO Office Edition, you can have a dispatch board right on your computer. This allows you to view jobs on a map and assign everything to the jobs based on the location. Having some order to the routes will keep employees and customers happy. It will also contribute to your bottom line in a positive way.  Most of our alarm installation clients say this is their favorite feature.

Spend Less Time on the Computer

Whether it's you or your employees, a lot of time is being spent on the computer. Information has to be entered two or three times because of using multiple applications. When you utilize security software, everything is integrated into one system.

You need to manage your alarm security business to the best of your abilities. With ServiceCEO Office Edition in place, this will be much easier to do. Details about your business will always be at your fingertips.


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